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March 2012 - US Masters Betting

Golf Betting: Let's talk about form ahead of Augusta

Editor / 30 March 2012 / Leave a comment

Are we reading too much into one win for Tiger 'strikes back' ahead of the 2012 Masters at Augusta?Read more »

Golf Betting: Good week ahead for favourites

Mike Norman / 28 March 2012 / Leave a comment

Mike Norman urges golf punters to not get ahead of themselves into next week's Masters and instead to take a look at tournaments in Texas and Italy this week... Read more »

Golf Betting: Bay Hill holds no fears

Mike Norman / 21 March 2012 / Leave a comment

Ahead of this week's two main tournaments, Mike Norman has a couple of golfer's for you who he assesses as being in fine form. Read more »

Golf Betting: A Rose by any other game

Paul Krishnamurty / 14 March 2012 / Leave a comment

Paul Krishnamurty has found some spectacular prices on players who just might win the US Masters in August. Read more »

Golf Betting: It's all about big four

Mike Norman / 06 March 2012 / Leave a comment

With this week's World Golf Championship upon him, Mike Norman takes an early look at the field. Read more »

Golf Betting: US Masters tightens up

Jamie "The Pacman" Pacheco / 06 March 2012 / Leave a comment

A two-stroke victory by Rory McIlroy has give him World Number One status, but this was only after a very competitive Tiger Woods put him to the test and in doing so tightened up dramatically the Betfair US Masters winner market.Read more »

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