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On the Hunt for BIG value at Betfair

Mathew Thompson / 15 July 2012 / Leave a comment

A lucky Betfair punter has landed the result of a lifetime, turning a $25 investment into a collect of $54564.75 thanks to Betfair's fixed odds multi product.Read more »

Cricket Betting: Clean Sweep for England

Chris Cairns / 09 July 2012 / Leave a comment

Chris Cairns still sees England and Australia as fairly evenly matched in the 5th and last ODI, but despite this, the series is heading England's way. Read more »

Cricket Betting: Swann given the elbow helps Aussie outlook

Chris Cairns / 06 July 2012 / Leave a comment

Even with Australia going into the next ODI against England as favourites in the absence of Swann and Anderson, the only certainty about the outcome for Chris Cairns seems to be the poor weatherRead more »

Cricket Betting: Aussies have no choice but to lift in 3rd ODI

Chris Cairns / 04 July 2012 / Leave a comment

Chris Cairns believes the Aussies are going to need to pull something special out to beat England going into the next ODI.Read more »

Something Special Needed to Stop this England Team!

Chris Cairns / 03 July 2012 / Leave a comment

So that's the end of my 4-1 prediction but first things first. Hats off to this English team. What I believed would be one of the defining factors in this series has so far failed to materialize. Wickets being taken...Read more »

Cricket Betting: Clarke to once again enjoy Lord's

Paul Bugeja / 29 June 2012 / Leave a comment

With two evenly-matched sides, hard to split throughout the upcoming ODI series, Michael Vaughan sees Michael Clarke as the man to side with in terms of getting runs for Australia.Read more »

Cricket Betting: ODI Series is Aussies to take

Chris Cairns / 29 June 2012 / Leave a comment

Betfair Cricket Informer Chris Cairns envisages both sides having a minor attack of the nerves going into the first ODI between Australian and England before settling into a competitive five-match series Read more »

Cricket Betting: New Aussies to shine

Richard O’Hagan / 29 June 2012 / Leave a comment

Going into the first ODI between Australia and England, Richard O'Hagan has taken a look at the Australian side and found some new faces who will sorely test England. Read more »

Cricket Betting: Third Test England V West Indies

Paul Bugeja / 07 June 2012 / Leave a comment

SJA Betting Writer of the Year, Ed Hawkins, analyses the final match of the Test series between England and the West Indies.Read more »

Cricket Betting: What a bunch...

Frank Gregan / 05 June 2012 / Leave a comment

Frank Gregan likes the England team make-up and sees it as a winning formula in their upcoming final Test against the West Indies.Read more »

Cricket Betting: Pietersen opts out of T20 and ODI

Paul Bugeja / 01 June 2012 / Leave a comment

With their batting star Kevin Pietersen retiring from the short forms of the game, Max Liu is not surprised to see England's T20 World Cup odds starting to drift. Read more »

Cricket Betting: England rests bowlers

Richard O’Hagan / 30 May 2012 / Leave a comment

England has preserved its number one status in Test Cricket rankings after it's second Test win against the West Indies, something Richard O'Hagan ponders over as he previews the third and final test. Read more »

Cricket Betting: IPL deserves a future

Frank Gregan / 29 May 2012 / Leave a comment

Frank Gregan puts forward the case as to why the Indian Premier League benefits cricket more generally and looks ahead to the upcoming T20 World Cup.Read more »

Cricket Betting: Fightback undermined by top order

Andrew Hughes / 28 May 2012 / Leave a comment

Andrew Hughes details the latest of the Test match between England and the West Indies, with England looking more likely by the moment to take the Series. Read more »

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